Live concert photography with Canon DSLR and 50mm lens in Low Light

Here are several photos taken at Metal Fest Eleven in Shepherdsville KY. Part of the Jeremey Wade Noe cancer research fund.

Photos by Frank G Artemortifica taken with Sony A6300 and Nikon 50mm and Canon 24mm

Performing acts FRIDAY: Overload, Year of the Gun, Hollow Valley, Boombox Poets, Two Pump Chump, E-Flat, Slokill, Modern Primate, Boozer, Jim Harrelson, The Hoodlums.

SATURDAY: Blood of Angels, Existing in Exile, Eulogy in Blood, Celestial Serpent, Artwork for the Blind, Granshaw, Joe Grudge, Inner Decay, Bastard Sons of a Judas Goat, Lechuga, Pharohound, Kur, Untold Relik, Devil Be My Judge, DieLation, Hopewell Fault, Dawn of Ascension.

Are you interested in the camera or lens used to capture these photos?

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